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LumberXchange (LX) is a revolutionary way of trading dimensional lumber and wood products. By providing an online exchange where supply meets demand in a real-time 24/6 marketplace, LX satisfies the needs of a global marketplace for buyers and sellers.

Offering seamless transactions and unprecedented access, with LX what was once a dream has now become reality.
LX proprietary technology was developed for global financial exchanges by MaterialsXchange Inc. and HFT Technologies, LLC.

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Lumber Trading

revolutionary online exchange
Reduced overall costs; full price disclosure across multiple vendors/markets; regional pricing; brand/region specific product sorting


partnering with LumberXchange
LX is always looking to expand its industry partners. We know industry involvement is key to the success of the marketplace. Learn more about our integrated partner philosophy.

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MaterialsXchange Accepted to the Illinois Angel Investment Tax Credit Program for 2019

February 21, 2019February 21, 2019

2019 Montreal Wood Convention March 19-21 at the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth in Montréal, Quebec

February 21, 2019
Mike Wisnefski, Co-founder and CEO of LumberXchange will be attending the the 2019 Montreal Wood Convention March 19-21 at the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth in Montréal, Quebec. This first class conference is excellent opportunity to promote the innovation that LumberXchange brings to the forest products industry. As the world becomes more digital, we all continue to have high expectations for the services and customer experience that we receive from our industry. Influenced by the digital experience of Apple, Amazon and other consumer-facing technology companies, lumber traders should expect the same seamless digital interface from the forest products industry . Today we are faced with the reality that fewer and fewer young people are interested in getting involved with old school industries. Change is needed to build an ecosystem where it is possible to conduct business through a platform that is welcoming to all people and provides opportunities to those who are willing to drive the progress of our industry..

Interview with LumberXchange Founder Mike Wisnefski

February 21, 2019

LumberXchange in the news, Pro Sales Magazine

October 12, 2017October 12, 2017